Jen Lancaster: Author, Diva, Killer of Dreams

Written by Lotus on Saturday, 6 of October , 2007 at 10:09 pm

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I have a handful of friends that have tried to encourage me to write a book.  I jokingly say that “I’m not into politics,” and brush their comments aside.  However, I’ve always been interested in writing a novel… until I read Jen Lancaster’s books.  Her two books, Bitter is the New Black and Bright Lights, Big Ass are the books I wish I had written.  Buy them now.  Her books aren’t the typical “Chick Lit” formula that clutters the paperback section at Target (i.e. girl dates a-hole, ignores guy friend, gets dumped by a-hole, realizes guy friend is the one she’s always loved).  Speaking of Target, Jen Lancaster refers to Target, Ikea and Trader Joe’s as “the trinity.”  Love her — I’m going to coin a new term — “Jenius.”

In a recent blog post, Jen highlights a recent piece of “hate mail” she received:

Dear Jennifer,

I enjoyed your first “literary effort” a great deal although the astericks [sic – I think she means quotation marks][and possibly a different spelling] got a bit annoying, I do realize that’s part of your [sic] “schtick.”  Naturally, I purchased your follow up and quite frankly was instantly turned off by the Fox “News” and Sean Hannity (“Sean Insanity” as I refer to him) references.  The final nail in the coffin though, was the part where you are on the bus and pull the Ann Coulter (“Man Coulter” imho) out of your tote bag.  My limit with you particular sensibilities was reached and I didn’t even bother to use the drop box at the library (as a donation.)  It went right into the garbage compacter (sic) (to make certain it was good and truly crushed and destroyed.)

I feel bad for you.  You seemed like someone cool to hang out with, fun to read, etc…


Jen writes:

Mare says she feels sorry for me. 

Which… really?

Because I feel sorry for you, Mare.  I’m sorry you feel that opposing (albeit unknown) viewpoints are such an anathema.  I’m sorry your mind is so closed that you can’t get past the specifics of a small fraction of the TV I watch and the books that I read.  And I’m sorry you had to burn the time and gray matter this morning to let me know exactly how offensive my (unspoken) views are.

Again, you’ll be missed. 


P.S.  You realize now I’m obligated to take the two dollars I earned from your purchase to buy Ann’s newest, right?


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