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Written by Lotus on Tuesday, 30 of October , 2007 at 9:12 pm

I said wanted to watch The Biggest Loser, but this isn’t what I had in mind.  So, here it goes.  (btw… I blame Toni for putting me through the misery of watching this debate.)

9:06p: Yes, Mr. Trial Lawyer, give me a lesson on trust and integrity.  Tell us again what the dead baby said to you.

Coming up next, Senator Clinton will lecture us on the importance of reporting rape and sexual harassment.

9:09p: Clinton: “a trillion dollar tax increase on the elderly.”  Apparently, Democrats can just make pronouncements without anyone questioning them. 

9:15p: Senator Chris Dodd learned from the 2002 Iraq vote that votes mean something!  OMGWTFBBQ!?!?!  Great strategy, Senator.  Tell the people you’re too stupid to be president.

9:16p: Senator Obama talks about offering Iran “carrots.”  This reminds me of a quote from former UN Ambassador (and ACU board member!) John Bolton’s new book.  The Democrats’ strategy with Iran: Speak softly and carry a big carrot.

9:21p: Oh yeah, Bill Richardson is still in the race.  Speaking of carrots, I wish I had Richardson’s tan.

9:23p: Everyone keeps claiming they “are the only one” to do such and such.  Way to lead!  Didn’t they criticize the President for “going alone”?

9:24p: Russert: “Will you pledge that Iran will not have a nuclear bomb while you are president?”  Come on, someone show some true Democratic leadership and admit they really don’t care!

9:26: Biden is the reason you NEVER compliment a Democrat.  It’s totally pointless.  No, Biden, the greatest threat to this country’s sovereignty is for one of the people on this stage to be elected president.

You know if I were one of these second and third tier guys, I would just be totally crazy and say “I GUARANTEE there will be no nuclear weapons in Iran.”  Who cares, you won’t have to live up to it.  I’d also pledge to bake fresh cookies every night and hand feed them to our nation’s poor and middle class before they go to bed.  No weapons, free cookies: LOTUS 2008!

9:31p: Funny thought — Kucinich going to the United Nations and talking tough.  Ha ha ha ha ha….

9:32p: Clinton says she supports the troop.  That faint noise in the background was everyone in the audience rolling their eyes in unison.  Too bad the troops don’t support her.

Here are some questions I’d like to ask:

Under what circumstances would you deploy troops to a foreign country?

For Edwards — How do you like the new Kiehl’s line?  Is it less greasy now?

Do you know that President Bush isn’t running in 2008?

For Kucinich — Is it true that media-types are keeping you around just so they can pan to your wife during the boring moments of the debate?

Why are you more qualified to spend my money than I am?

Would you rather be president or win a Nobel Peace Prize?  I’m sure we can arrange the prize, so feel free to think it over.

9:50p: GEEZ… Clinton brings up the Supreme Court handing President Bush the 2000 election.  Oh, I just thought of someone else who didn’t win the “popular” vote — her husband.  In two elections! 

9:53p: Gov. Richardson just complimented Senator Clinton.  Barf.  Richardson is going on and on about his resume again.  What has this guy not done?  Oh yeah, he hasn’t been a viable presidential candidate.  Zing!

9:57p: Edwards says no one on the stage is “pure.”  He just totally butchered the founders’ intent.  He said the founders decided in Philadelphia that the power shouldn’t be held in the rich, but in the people.  No, a-hole, the power shouldn’t reside with the federal government (i.e. you and everyone else on the stage).

10:00p: Biden: “Giuliani is the most underqualified person to seek the presidency since George W. Bush.”  “I’m looking forward to running against Rudy Giuliani.”  “Maybe I’ve been around too long and they’ve forgotten all the wonderful things I’ve done.”  Wow, settle down, Joe.  See above re: viable candidates.

10:07p: Obama brings up Giuliani again.  I guess they’ve already decided who the nominee is going to be.

10:09p: Now Clinton says there’s a trillion dollar tax on the middle class.

(Cupcake Break)

10:16p: Gotta love Brian Williams’ unbiased questions: Are the families in Iowa and New Hampshire doomed?

Biden says people are betting on things getting worse.  Yeah, they’ve been watching the MSM’s annointment of Hillary Clinton.

Edwards says his Justice Department will investigate oil companies.  Yes, that sounds like a appropriate job for the Justice Department. 

Kucinich reminds us that the war in Iraq was for oil during a discussion on why America doesn’t have enough oil.  Now he suggests impeachment because of their energy policies.   Another sound pronouncement from a 5th tier candidate.

(btw, maybe I’m just a dumb Southerner, but what is this home heating oil they’re talking about?)

10:24p Edwards links government incompetence to what happened to New Orleans after Hurrican Katrina.  Yes!  Last week Louisiana agreed and elected Republican Bobby Jindal. 

The Lightening Round is more boring, if that’s even possible.  I’m hanging it up for the night.  I’m guessing that Russert’s final question will be able about the Buffalo Bills.  Final thought: Politics aside, the most recent Republican debate was a lot more entertaining.

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