I Resolve Not to Indulge Pointless Small Talk

Written by Lotus on Monday, 31 of December , 2007 at 2:27 am

Jen Lancaster nicely sums up my feelings on New Year’s resolutions and, specifically, people who ask for yours.  Our failures are hard enough to admit to close friends.  So, why do nosy strangers insist on asking?  Jen writes on Jennsylvania.com:

The thing is, resolutions are rarely about what we already find kind of awesome about ourselves, like I resolve to continue to be a great parent, or I resolve to continue to visit my senile grandma in the nursing home three times a week or I resolve to keep adopting third world babies

(OK, maybe just Angelina Jolie on that last one.)

Point is, resolutions generally entail what we don’t like about ourselves, as in I’m too fat or I’m disorganized or my spending is out of control.  Therefore, when you, a perfect stranger, ask me about my resolutions, you’re basically requesting I lay all my flaws bare and I think it’s incredibly rude and presumptive, especially when you’re in no position to help me achieve whatever it is I resolve to do.

So, going forward, if you ask me what my New Year’s resolutions are, I’m not going to give you the bullshit I resolve not to make any resolutions! answer.  Instead, I’m going to tell you this:

I resolve to be self-aware enough to spot potential problems within myself and to begin to work on them immediately, without a making a public announcement or waiting to start the improvements on an entirely arbitrary date.

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