Written by Lotus on Monday, 17 of March , 2008 at 6:40 pm

On Tuesday one of the most important cases in my lifetime will be on the docket for the Supreme Court.  LOTUS is lucky enough to live in Virginia, but the case on whether Washington D.C.’s ban on firearms is constitutional is important to all citizens.  From the Associated Press:

The nine justices have said almost nothing about gun rights, and their predecessors have likewise given no definitive answer to whether the Constitution protects an individual’s right to own guns or whether that right is somehow tied to service in a state militia.

The case that will be argued Tuesday is among the most closely watched of the term, drawing 68 briefs from outside groups. Most of those support an individual’s right to own a gun.

“This may be one of the only cases in our lifetime when the Supreme Court is going to interpret an important provision of our Constitution unencumbered by precedent,” said Georgetown University law professor Randy Barnett.

By the way, LOTUS is a lifetime member of the NRA and you should be, too.

UPDATE: Justices listened to 98 minutes of debate.  Will freedom prevail in the District of Columbia?

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