Clinton vs. Obama: This Time It’s Personal!

Written by Lotus on Wednesday, 16 of April , 2008 at 8:07 pm

So, I’m live-blogging the debate tonight.  The rhetoric has been so hot on the campaign trail that I’m thinking tonight will actually be sort of tame in comparison.

First, the opening statements:

Obama: I’ve talked to Pennsylvanians, etc., etc.,   Now he says their bitterness (though that word will never be used again) is because they don’t have gas money to go look for a job. 

Clinton: Health care, go to my website!

8:08 PM — Charlie Gibson says that each segment will start with a quote from the Constitution.

Gibson asks about Sen. Cuomo’s idea that both fight it to the death and then pledge that the winner will ask the loser to be the running mate. 

Silence…. Obama is the first to speak.  Says it’s too early (i.e., I know they still have more dirt they’re going to bring up on me)

Clinton: I’m going to do everything I can do to make sure one of us takes the oath of office in January.  “I’ve seen the damage of the Bush years… Those that have lost sons and daughters in Iraq and those that have lost sons or daughters that didn’t have health insurance.”

8:12 PM — Oh snap, Gibson asks Obama about the bitter-clinging-to guns and religion quote!  Obama says there is no doubt that he can see how people would be offended by that.  He’s tap-dancing now! 

Clinton — I’m the granddaughter of a factory worker from Scranton.   (No doubt people are already checking this out.)

8:16 PM — George Stephanapolous asks Clinton if Obama can beat McCain.  Clinton says we have to beat McCain.  Says McCain “has the wrong idea about America.”   George S. (I can’t type the last name all night) pushes again on whether Obama can win.  Clinton says, “Yes, yes, yes.  But, I think that I can do a better job.”  Obama repeats and then brings up the elitism issue.

8:22 PM — Gibson asks Obama about Rev. Wright and why he rescinded his invitation to him saying he “gets rough” while denying that he’s heard controversial comments.  Obama talks about the “good works” of the church.  So, apparently you can say whatever you want as long as you throw a few bucks to HIV/AIDS research.  Obama also says that the YouTube clips were not representative of Rev. Wright’s entire career.  This is retarded.  When someone on the Right says something “controversial” the Left sure isn’t asking whether it’s representative of their career. 

George S. asks, “Do you think Rev. Wright loves America as much as you do?”  Gag.  Obama says, “I believe he loves this country but because of the experiences he’s had, he’s angry at the injustices in this country.”

To be fair, George S. acts Clinton about her “mispeak” on her trip to Bosnia.  I actually feel kind of sorry for her.  Obama has been giving the same non-apology answer on Rev. Wright for weeks and weeks.  Meahwhile, Clinton is being asked to apologize on the Bosnia story at every turn.

8:37 PM — Viewer asks Obama why he doesn’t wear the American flag.  Obama: I revere the American flag.  There is no other country where my story is even possible… I show my patriotism by how I treat veterans… speaking forcefully on ending the war in Iraq… I will continue to fight for those issues.  I’m confident that when I’m in a debate with John McCain people will not be questioning my patriotism.  Whether I wear a flag pin is a “manufactured issue.”

Now George S. asks aboutabout Obama supporter William Ayers, who was part of the underground Weathermen.   Holy shit, Obama says that he’s also friendly with Sen. Tom Coburn.  “Do I need to apologize for his statements, too?”  After comparing Coburn to Ayers, I don’t think they’ll be friendly anymore.

Clinton: Brings up Obama serving on a board with Airs…. I wish the Republicans would apologize for the Bush/Cheney years and not run anyone this time around. 

Obama: Clinton wouldn’t pass her own vetting process.  Her husband pardoned two members of the Weathermen.  Zing!

So far this has been a debate on campaign controversy rather than issues.  Keep it coming!

8:52 PM — Now the questions on who can get out of Iraw faster. If on day one, the commanding generals advise you not to withdraw, would you still withdraw troops?

Clinton: Yes.  Thankfully we live in a country with a military that’s commanded by civilians. 

Gibson: Are you saying that you know better than the military leaders?

Clinton: No [Yes].  We need to be paying attention to other problems, like Afghanistan.

Obama: The commander-in-chief sets the mission. The generals and the troops are there to carry out the mission.  The current President has used “I’m just listening to Petraeus” as an excuse.  I will always listen to commanders on the ground in respect to tactics.  I will take their recommendations into consideration.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the MSM is so bored with the primary season that they are manufacturing that it’s even a contest between Obama and Clinton.  The longer they go at one another, the longer the MSM can avoid issues.  The last thing they want is for liberals to start talking about what they believe.  So, I’m switching over to a real contest for now — American Idol!

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