I scream, you scream, we all scream for Green Tea ice cream?

Written by Lotus on Sunday, 18 of May , 2008 at 11:36 am

The Other McCain points out this fine piece of journalism from The Washington Post:

EUGENE, Ore. — With temperatures hitting the 90s here today, Sen. Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, paused his campaign for an ice cream break. . . .
Obama, sleeves rolled up and collar open, immediately began surveying options that included Banana Brownie and Muddy River. He asked his aide, Reggie Love, what flavor he wanted. The former Duke basketball player said, “Bubble Gum.”
“You’re showing your age,” Obama said with a smile, then asked for a taste of the Green Tea.
Michelle Obama didn’t need to study the cases. She went with Chocolate. “I’m a purist,” she said.
Obama settled on Mint Chip, “with a slice of Green Tea on the side.”

I can’t imagine that ordering “Green Tea” ice  cream will do much for Barack Obama’s elitist image.  Regarding Michelle Ohama’s choice, wouldn’t a purist order vanilla?

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