Celebrity Tweets of the Week

Written by Lotus on Monday, 13 of April , 2009 at 8:49 pm

Celebrities are just like us!  Boring, lazy, vapid and bad spellers.  Some tweets that caught my eye this week:

THE_REAL_Shaq Pullin up to grtaceland in about twenty minutes, is this were elvis is really from

aplusk [Ashton Kutcher] does wiping up your spit with a napkin and some fantastic reduce the manly nature of the act of spitting

McCainBlogette [Megan McCain, age 24] My article on the republican party and the gay community comes out tomorrow. One of the most important things I have written.

LadyGaGa Palm springs, white party I’m ready for u. Might pee a little I’m so excited to see the boys xxx

iamdiddy [P Diddy/Sean Combs] Micheal jackson and Prince are the greatest!!!!!!

MileyCyrus recording wiff friends is fun!

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