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Written by Lotus on Tuesday, 21 of April , 2009 at 7:28 pm

kingsthings (Larry King) last night’s show with Ashton was probably the most exciting we’ve done since the Nafta debate

Steve_Buscemi is definitely an assman…you’re either an assman or a dumbass man. [If you’re on Twitter, Mr. Buscemi is worth following.  Very funny.]

michaelianblack If my life ever comes down to a choice between “ice cream” or “not ice cream,” I’m going to choose ice cream. Consequences be damned.

diablocody Pretty actresses saying “I look like a tranny” is the new “I’m sooo fat.”

DonnieWahlberg Know this- I cherish the gift. The power of a hug. The magic of a smile. You all give me as much as I give you! It matters. ALL OF IT!

Jonasbrothers Tacos rule – joe

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