Some Tweets from the Obama Press Conference

Written by Lotus on Wednesday, 29 of April , 2009 at 9:19 pm

 Some live twittering from @CPACnews

 Bret Baier just summarized all 13 of Obama’s answers in less than 60 seconds.
14 minutes ago from web

Actually, Obama’s job is not to ask US auto companies why they aren’t doing better hybrids.
17 minutes ago from web

I am approx. 5-10 years older than the Time mag WH correspondent. Boo :(
20 minutes ago from web

Fact check: BET says unemployment rate for black men in NYC is 50%. Can that be true?
26 minutes ago from web

RT @mkhammer RT @thegoldfarb: keep waterboarding safe, legal and rare.
27 minutes ago from web

Telemundo asks if Obama will reach out to McCain on immigration reform. He won’t have to reach very far…
30 minutes ago from web

@MattMackowiak Thanks! I get all you non-descript white guys mixed up :)
36 minutes ago from web in reply to MattMackowiak

Obama says he’s pro-choice bc it’s a hard choice for women. I’m pro-driving drunk bc it’s hard to tell if you’re buzzed or drunk.
38 minutes ago from web

Wow, pretty good questions tonight. Who is the Freedom of Choice Act guy? Is he from CBN?
40 minutes ago from web

It would be great it have a stop watch thingy on the screen to see how long answer is.
42 minutes ago from web

Obama: Specter will be liberated by being in Dem Caucus. Ha — Specter’s been close-mouthed up until now?!?!?
44 minutes ago from web

I wonder if Helen Thomas will get a question tonight. 1 dollar says she’ll somehow attack Bush’s policies.
about 1 hour ago from web

A lot of kids are going to be Googling “flu symptoms” this week in order to get out of school.
about 1 hour ago from web

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