Man Hasn’t Bathed in 35 Years

Written by Lotus on Thursday, 14 of May , 2009 at 9:42 am

Via The Jawa Report:

(New Delhi, India) A seer told an Indian father, who has seven daughters, that he would have a son if he quit bathing. Therefore, Kailash “Kalau” Singh quit bathing. That was in 1974. Yes, 63-year-old Kalau has not bathed for 35 years.

Instead of bathing and brushing his teeth, Kalau performs a “fire bath” every evening.

               He stands on one leg beside a bonfire, smokes marijuana and says prayers to Lord Shiva ….

               “It’s just like using water to take a bath,” Kalau was reported as saying. “A fire bath helps kill germs and infection in the body.”

LOTUS didn’t realize that guestblogger Buddha Riggs wanted a son so badly.

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