2 a.m. at the Omni Shoreham Hotel: America’s Future NOW! Eve

Written by Lotus on Monday, 1 of June , 2009 at 2:44 am

Buddha Riggs Reporting for Duty!

As part of its continuing effort to bring you the thoughtful and up-to-the-minute political buzz you crave, TheLotusBlog is pleased to launch its coverage of the premier radical-liberal-progressive annual Washington D.C. confab: The America’s Future NOW! Conference (AFNOW!) — formerly known as The Take Back America Conference. 

The name of the event was changed after the radical liberal-progressive establishment’s unexpected Taking Back  of America.

Props, radical-liberal establishment. 

TheLOTUSBlog’s LOTUS and guestblogger Buddha Riggs did a quick site walk-thru and the buzz is, well, non-existant.  The bar: empty.  The ballroom: dark.  The Exhibit Hall: empty tables, well-defended.  It’s a shame to see so many security night watchmen guarding the empty space and tables around them; they had better be getting overtime.  At least one of them brought a book by Mario Puzo. 

On tap for tomorrow: Rev. Jesse Jackson speaks and we assume will lead us in prayer before lunch.   Wondering if any of the good and allegedly Reverend’s church parishoners will also be in attendance. 

Rainbow/P.U.S.H it: Rainbow/P.U.S.H. it good.

Rainbow/P.U.S.H. it: Rainbow/P.U.S.H. it REAL good!

SWAG Count: 2 buttons from U.S. Steelworkers (“Fight Back America” rectangle and “Keep It Made in America” round); The Little Blue Book of Big Trade Problems from Alliance for American Manufacturers.


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