What I learned about Liberals at the America’sFutureN6W! Conference

Written by Lotus on Monday, 1 of June , 2009 at 6:54 pm

afn-exhibit-hall.JPGBuddha Riggs reflects on Day One: 

The Future is Now.  The Present is, well, Yesterday, apparently.

The liberals at AFN6W! are so energized that they envision a 40-year term of progressive dominance as a result of last year’s electoral victories. 

That is, the liberals who were sufficiently energized to show up to the 2009 conference.   Attendance is down dramatically at this year’s event:  roughly 700 activists this year, compared to 3,000 at last year’s event. 

Admittedly tough to get a decent head count because the organizers turned off the lights in the main ballroom to facilitate attendance number-fudging (like that phony 3,000 number from last year) and put a bunch of trees around the meager seating area.  Surrounding the seating area, is empty space; in fact, enough empty space to have the entire Oberlin College track team run laps around the audience unnoticed. 

 Congratulations, environmentalists!  By the end of the conference, you may have more trees than people.

And all this talk about transparancy?  Step one: turn on the gaddamn lights. 

We interviewed the trees and they said that now that Obama is President they will recommence the processing of your carbon emissions.  If you look closely at each tree, like a delicate snowflake, is different, individual, and unique. The trees ought to be given a medal or something for refusing to march in lockstep orthodoxy.

Speaking of going green, how many trees died to run that monster jumbotron in the media room (restricted access) that no one is watching?   

Formerly named the Take Back America Conference, organizers have declared Mission Accomplished, changed the name to AFN6W!, and are left with figuring out how to take advantage of the good times that sent their main man Barry to his NW DC digs.

To that end, there is a lot of ass-kissing of young people.  Young people, according to liberal Sara Robinson, a womyn who admits that liberals’ key to success is “keeping the cons bottled up,” are “diverse, of mixed-race, self-organizers, and at heart, progressive.”

So, if you are a young person, who is not of mixed-race and you’re an individualist, take note: you don’t exist here. 

And it’s reflected in the attendance.  For all the young-people-are-the-future sycophancy, there is a noticible lack of young people in the crowd.  And the ones that do appear are in ties, which means that they’re at work. 

The young people who are here don’t want to be here: they are for the most part professional liberals who have forgone their right to think freely and independently for the opportunity to get paid and aquire the heath insurance that they puport every American deserves and send the message to their parents that they are productive and prosperous members of society and cultivate the fantasy that one day their little Johnnie, ahem, Little Muqtada will be a member of the Washington establishment with the real power to do real things, like get them a tour of the Capitol Rotunda, or even better: a White House Christmas, ahem, Holiday Tree Ornament in the mail.

FYI, generally Buddha does not talk to young people who wear ties (unless it’s a wedding, or a gay wedding, or a funeral, or a gay funeral, or at Xmas midnight mass with the rest of the drunks) because it means that on some level you aspire to be The Man’s bitch. 

I thought dissent was patriotic. Wtf?

The trendy thing to accessorize your work clothes with is apparently obeisance.

Up next, the evening schoomze. 

The American people have their marching orders:


What Would Robert Stacy McCain Do?

So what did we learn about liberals?  Get this doozy: According to one attendee, “the [conservative] movement ended civil rights by assassination, like Dr. King!”

My dear, you put the ass in assassination. 


A couple random thoughts from LOTUS:

– There are no mics in the main ballroom.  No questions even in the safety of darkness.

-One Twitterer criticized me for reporting that less than 600 people were in the main ballroom, which a posted sign states seats 3,500.  He said the crowd was “raucous.”  Ha!  This crowd had minimal polite applause.  No energy.  In fact, during one panel, a speaker mentioned Ann Coulter and there was no reaction to what she thought was probably a red meat line.  No boos.  No hissing.  Nothing. 

– It’s hard to muster any anger at the former or current government guys (Podesta, some advisor to Biden).  They say nothing.  At least half a dozen times both Buddha and I began writing a sentence they started, but the ending never came.

– They LOVE using the word “narrative.”  It’s not about ideas, it’s about the “narrative.”  In other words, the sappy story that gets the people in the cage.  Panelist Sara Robinson of the Campaign for America’s Future told the “Kicking [Conservatives] While Their Down” panel, “Conservatives are terrified of [universal of health care] because of how much good government can do.  The dominant narrative will be ours.”

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