The First Cinematic Tea Party!

Written by Lotus on Thursday, 27 of August , 2009 at 10:01 pm

Let me reintroduce two eloquent, entertaining and battle-hardened generals in the ongoing war against global warming hysteria: Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, the co-producers and directors of the documentary Not Evil Just Wrong.

You may remember Ann and Phelim from CPAC 2009, where they were voted as two of the top speakers. That’s a pretty remarkable accomplishment in and of itself! Ann and Phelim also have been all over the Internet the past week, thanks to their exclusive story that forced Greenpeace into retreat on a false claim the group made about melting Arctic ice.

Ann and Phelim made Not Evil Just Wrong as a much-needed counterpoint to the environmental propaganda being spread across America by Al Gore and his liberal friends in Hollywood and the media. To hear Gore and his allies tell it, the Earth is on the verge of annihilation by natural disasters and rising seawaters — and all because you drive to work and insist on using electricity!

While environmentalists are making claims that are threatening jobs during one of the largest recessions in recent memory, Ann and Phelim show that it’s all bunk. From melting icecaps to dying polar bears, environmentalists are “emotionalizing” issues. Not Evil Just Wrong also tells viewers what the liberal U.S. media won’t — that the British High Court found nine factual errors in Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, and won’t let schools show it anymore without a warning.

Ann and Phelim expose the devastating consequences of Gore-like fear-mongering. In the past, environmentalists won a ban on the pesticide DDT and cost tens of millions of poor people their lives from mosquito-borne malaria. And in the present, environmentalists are inciting fears of global warming in order to justify “cap and trade” emissions regulations that would kill jobs, make cheap energy a thing of the past and cripple the economy.

Not Evil Just Wrong is an important weapon in the war against such costly and unnecessary regulation, but it is a film Hollywood doesn’t want America to see. That’s why Ann and Phelim need your help to spread the word.
They have adopted a unique and compelling Internet-driven distribution strategy that bypasses Hollywood and gives power to folks like you and me: At 8 p.m. EST on Oct. 18, premiere hosts in homes and on campuses across the country will push play at the same time and watch Not Evil Just Wrong. It will set a record for a simultaneous film premiere!

Ann and Phelim want you to be part of that big night. They are selling premiere packs that include a movie poster for your front door and a piece of red carpet for your porch. You can help combat global warming hysteria in your part of the world. So please visit today to purchase your premiere pack, and invite your family, friends and neighbors to join the first cinematic tea party!

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