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Written by Lotus on Wednesday, 21 of July , 2010 at 8:39 pm

There are several good lists of conservatives you should be following on Twitter.  And I’m sure you’re already following everyone on the lists already.  I like talking to people on Twitter, not just reading famous (and not-so-famous) conservatives’ declrative statements.  Most of my favorite tweeps have less than 5,000 followers, so give them some love!

@LisaDeP — Me!

@pinkelephantpun — Ok, she has a lot more than 5,000 followers.  Still, last week we were talking about Twitter and she came up with the anti-declarative statements meme.

@Breza — Former intern who convinced me to get on Twitter a few years ago. Fellow Simpsons fan.

@KerryPicket — She’s a budding teevee star!

@jimmiebjr — I’ve never heard him sing, but I have read his tweets.

@LeslieSanchez — The very best emcee at CPAC10. She also tweets pics of her cute doggy.

@sarahbellumd — She’s the leader of the Andy Levy Power Hour campaign. Finally met her in person at The Blogger Briefing. (And, no, you don’t talk waaaaaay too much.)

@JasonMattera — My editor at Human Events, yo.

@SissyWillis — Great conservative that catches all the great posts I miss.

@Cubachi — Because her name reminds me of Pokemon, the only show I could get on my TV when I was in college. Also, she’s feisty!

@sunlionfilms — If you follow me, you know I’m a big fan of actor, director and conservative Robert Davi.  This is him.  If you’re not familiar, check out this interview I did with him.

@seanhackbarth — He hates everything I like, except cheese curds. Also, his tweets are so informative I have no reason to talk to him in person.

@AndyLevy — Ok, another one that has more than 5,000 followers.  Like @pinkelephantpun, he actually converses with people, so that gets him a pass.

@LibertyCzarina — Another awesome conservative woman who I’m including only if she promises NOT to stop talking about the Golden Girls.

@rsmccain — He’ll totally call me out if I don’t list him. Fortunately, he deserves your follow.

@MelissaTweets — Damn, another over 5,000.  She’s the RT queen.  Got an interesting post?  You don’t have to be famous to get her attention. 

@BethanyShondark — I’ll let her Twitter profile speak for itself: “Jew w/ tattoos, member of the vast right-wing conspiracy. Reformed Leftist.”

@hipDanielle — The only person that loves Chick-fil-a more than I do. Also, she has puggles.

@JennyErikson — She brought me See’s Chocolate during CPAC. Do I need another reason? Ok, she’s funny and friendly.

@MattKLewis — I enjoy Matt’s tweets, but I’m including him on this list for one purpose: to make him feel bad for not including me on his list.

@Rocheonair — He’s not a conservative, just a jerk who could use some more followers.  Also, he’s a DJ at DC101 and he usually puts up with my conservative talking points that are personally handed to me by Rush Limbaugh.

@DerekaHunter — He once dated an intern at my old job, so we’ve awkwardly said hello for many years.  Also, as he pointed out, he doesn’t tweet that often, but when he does it’s pretty entertaining.

@StarChamberMaid — She’s snarky and funny.  Unfortunately, she likes cats.

@CPACnews — Duh

Obviously this list doesn’t include every awesomely awesome conservative on Twitter.  Feel free to suggest yourself or your friends in the comments. 

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