My Annual Online Christmas Shopping Guide

Written by Lotus on Sunday, 4 of December , 2011 at 2:50 pm

In 2007, I titled my first online shopping guide “One for You, One for Me.”  This year?  Not so much.  Every year I make a list of those I’m buying for and try to keep track of what I’ve purchased.  About one week into the Christmas shopping season I’ve abandoned the list and just start buying whatever useful and useless things I think people would like.  And maybe one for me if it’s a good deal.  Like many people, this year I’m really keeping track so I don’t overspend and I’m doing away with “one for me.” 

This year my list of stores includes a few favorites, as well as some new finds.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Li-Lac SantaLi-Lac Chocolates
I learned about this company when two friends purchased it a few months ago.  They are legendary in New York.  You’ll find them in almost every New York travel guide as the best place for chocolate treats.  They are best-known for their molded chocolate figures like Easter bunnies, Santas and turkeys.  They also have a wide selection of other treats like bars, fudge, cream rolls and, my favorite, caramels.  Avoid the more well-known brands and surprise your friends with this New York favorite. (And feel free to send some my way!)

Homemade Gifts
‘Tis the season to save money when you can.  We all have people we don’t know that well that we have to shop for at Christmas.  Skip the “I don’t know you that well” gifts (candles, body lotion sets, etc.) and try some of these homemade ideas instead.  I really want to try the butterscotch sauce. Pair it with the perfect ice cream bowl (i.e. one that’s probably too big) and it will do more than collect dust in someone’s guest bathroom.

Perpetual Kid
This fun store makes it on my list every year.  I love them for stocking stuffers.  Some of my favorite items this year: Cupcake Handwarmer, Wonder Woman Apron, Personal Pie Maker, Jesus Shaves Mug and Animal Prints on Canvas Kit.  Full disclosure: I can’t name any of the things I actually bought this year because I don’t want to ruin surprises. 

Uncommon Goods
This is another site I included last year.  Favorites for 2011 include: Ticket Stub Diary, Tasting Plate, Knit Arm Warmers, Leaning Ladies BookendsCustom Paw Print Necklace (I wish this was available when I had a dog), Candle Shadow Projectors, Dream Bank, and Cheesemaking Kit.

My mom is very crafty and I love the idea of supporting people like her during the Christmas season.  Since the site is so extensive, I’ll just suggest some of my favorite sections: Pets, Crochet, and Geekery.

I love Amazon.  They have everything.  Search for a dog breed or sports team and find lots of fun gifts.  Of course, I hear they also sell books.  Some of my favorite books to give this season:


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