Get a Signed Copy of Finding Mr. Righteous!

Written by Lotus on Saturday, 18 of October , 2014 at 9:41 pm

 Finding Mr. Righteous

You can now get a personally signed hardcover copy of Finding Mr. Righteous for only $25.00!  The best part?  Shipping is on me!  Click “Buy Now” to purchase.  Don’t forget to include who the book should be signed to by clicking on “Add Special Instructions to the Seller.”

A personally signed copy of Finding Mr. Righteous is the perfect gift for:
– Your wife or girlfriend (she’ll realize how lucky she is to have you!)
– Anyone who celebrates Christmas (it is a Christian story!)
– Anyone who celebrates Hanukkah (I don’t mind if they skip the chapter on “Adam the Jew”)
– Yourself (#treatyoself)
– Everyone else (you don’t want others to be jealous)
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