Brown staffer heckled by Warren supporters for being gay

Written by Lotus on Thursday, 11 of October , 2012 at 6:18 pm

Last night Ross Hemminger, Youth Coordinator for the Scott Brown for Senate campaign, was heckled by pro-Warren supporters at the Brown-Warren debate.  A source at the event  told me that the hecklers were union members who were oganized by the Warren campaign for a “stand-out.”

The incident happened when Hemminger started chanting “Go, Scott, go!” on the megaphone.  The Warren supporters chanted back “You sound gay!”  A few others chimed in “You take it up the a**!”

Soon after the incident an email from Warren’s campaign manager was forwarded to me.  It reads:


It has come to my attention that some of our supporters made very inappropriate comments to you outside the Springfield debate hall tonight. On behalf of Elizabeth and our campaign, I am writing to express our deepest apologies. Elizabeth completely denounces this kind of behavior, and we are very sorry it occurred.

Mindy Myers
Campaign Manager
Elizabeth for MA

I’ve been told video of the incident is on the way. I’ll post if it becomes available.

Perhaps next time the Warren campaign will be more discerning when organizing their supporters at a public event.

Full disclosure: I am the interim board chair of GOProud, an organization of gay and straight Americans seeking to promote freedom by supporting free markets, limited government and respect for individual rights.   Hemminger interned for the organization last year. I have not spoken to him about this issue.

UPDATE: Thanks to Twitchy, Instapundit and Weekly Standard (who now has some video of what happened afterwards) for the links.

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Why I’m Continuing My Advisory Role with GOProud

Written by Lotus on Sunday, 11 of December , 2011 at 12:35 pm

This week was a reminder of how quickly one group’s good works can be wiped away in people’s minds after a bad decision. Members of GOProud’s leadership responded inappropriately to an issue that is very personal to them. From the beginning their most vitriolic critics have been the left, not the right. Every day they fight against the accusations that they are just paid shills with no principles. As I told The Daily Caller, I don’t believe they intentionally meant to “out” someone. I do believe they wanted to expose what they believed to be hypocrisy. I told them from the beginning that I disagreed with using Twitter so impulsively and with their choice of words to deliver that message. They messed up.

Over the last year I’ve gotten to know Chris Barron, the chairman of GOProud, and Jimmy LaSalvia, the executive director of GOProud. I was honored when they asked me to join the board and I’m honored to consider them friends. When friends get off track I don’t leave them. I stick by them and help them get back on the right track.

I respect that other members of the board have come to a different decision. They must do what they believe is right. I want to help GOProud refocus its message, do substantive events and activities, and repair their relationships with members of the conservative movement. When Jimmy assured me that they share these goals I decided to remain on the GOProud board.

The next several months will be important for GOProud’s future. I believe that Jimmy and Chris truly want to continue their mission of reaching out to gay conservatives and their allies. They have acknowledged to me that mistakes were made this week and that they want to move forward. For that, they still have my friendship and my advice to help make them stronger.

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