Tased and Confused: Whose Free Speech Was Violated?

Written by Lotus on Thursday, 20 of September , 2007 at 3:11 pm

Below is an article written by my former intern, Ashley Emans, a student at the University of Florida who attended Senator Kerry’s speech earlier this week.  (PS — Boo Gators, Go Seminoles!)

Whose Free Speech Was Violated?

Ashley Emans, UF ’09

There was a major violation of the First Amendment at my school on Monday.  The victim?  Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.  And, every other person in the University of Florida auditorium that afternoon, including myself.  In fact, there was only one person there whose rights were not violated, and his name is Andrew Meyer.  Mr. Meyer was shot with a taser gun after being violent and disruptive during a town hall forum with the senator.  Liberals are busy shouting about the supposed infringement on Andrew’s free speech rights, but it is actually the other way around.  When someone is being disorderly, is flailing around in a threatening mode, and is refusing to let anyone else speak, as Andrew was, the Constitution requires he be stopped to protect the free speech rights of others.  The senator was gracious to talk with us students at all (and for free, as current legislators cannot charge for speaking appearances).  Yet Andrew never once showed any interest in listening to Kerry.  He yelled at him, and spouted his generic Amerikkka-type conspiracy theories in a strongly inappropriate manner.  There may be freedom of speech, but not freedom from consequence.  From what I saw, the tasing was justified.

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