Some Tweets from the Obama Press Conference

Written by Lotus on Wednesday, 29 of April , 2009 at 9:19 pm

 Some live twittering from @CPACnews

 Bret Baier just summarized all 13 of Obama’s answers in less than 60 seconds.
14 minutes ago from web

Actually, Obama’s job is not to ask US auto companies why they aren’t doing better hybrids.
17 minutes ago from web

I am approx. 5-10 years older than the Time mag WH correspondent. Boo :(
20 minutes ago from web

Fact check: BET says unemployment rate for black men in NYC is 50%. Can that be true?
26 minutes ago from web

RT @mkhammer RT @thegoldfarb: keep waterboarding safe, legal and rare.
27 minutes ago from web

Telemundo asks if Obama will reach out to McCain on immigration reform. He won’t have to reach very far…
30 minutes ago from web

@MattMackowiak Thanks! I get all you non-descript white guys mixed up :)
36 minutes ago from web in reply to MattMackowiak

Obama says he’s pro-choice bc it’s a hard choice for women. I’m pro-driving drunk bc it’s hard to tell if you’re buzzed or drunk.
38 minutes ago from web

Wow, pretty good questions tonight. Who is the Freedom of Choice Act guy? Is he from CBN?
40 minutes ago from web

It would be great it have a stop watch thingy on the screen to see how long answer is.
42 minutes ago from web

Obama: Specter will be liberated by being in Dem Caucus. Ha — Specter’s been close-mouthed up until now?!?!?
44 minutes ago from web

I wonder if Helen Thomas will get a question tonight. 1 dollar says she’ll somehow attack Bush’s policies.
about 1 hour ago from web

A lot of kids are going to be Googling “flu symptoms” this week in order to get out of school.
about 1 hour ago from web

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Buddha Riggs’ Next Assignment

Written by Lotus on Sunday, 15 of March , 2009 at 8:57 pm

My favorite LOTUS Blog post of all time was written by Mr. Riggs and it’s time we gave him another assignment.  What are some good live-blogging events coming up? 

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The Forum on the Presidency

Written by Lotus on Saturday, 16 of August , 2008 at 8:14 pm

Tonight on MSNBC is Pastor Rick Warren’s Forum on the Presidency.  Both Barack Obama and John McCain will answer the same questions in separate one-hour segments.  As such, I’ll add McCain’s answers under Obama’s rather than retype each question.

Obama’s up first.

Whose advice would you rely on in your administration?

Obama: My wife.  My grandmother.

McCain: Gen. David Petraeus.  John Lewis (soldier).  Meg Whitman, CEO if eBay.

What is the greatest moral failure in your life and the greatest moral failure in America?

Obama: My father wasn’t there, I experimented with drugs, I drank… I became too self-centered.  As I grew up, I realized it wasn’t about me. 


Obama: America’s biggest moral failure in my lifetime has been not abiding by Matthew’s whatever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me.  “Ladder of opportunity” of minorities.

McCain: My greatest moral failure is the failure of my first marriage.  America’s greatest moral failure is not helping the rest of the world, even though we’ve been the best at it.  McCain points out that the first words in Warren’s book is “It’s not about you.” (a subtle jab at Obama?”

(Missed a question because I was investigating a smell.  Seriously.  No luck yet)

Question not given to Obama — When have you gone against your party’s interest or your own personal interests?

McCain: Climate change, spending, torture, early in my political career I was against Reagan’s decision to send troops to Beirut.

What is a flip-flop or issue where you’ve changed your mind?

Obama:  Welfare reform “We have to have work as a centerpiece of any reform.”  “The intrinsic dignity of work”

McCain: Off-shore drilling.  We have to drill here, we have to drill now (big applause).  This is a national security issue.  We’re sending $7 billion a year to countries that don’t like us.

What’s the most gut-wrenching decision you’ve ever had to make?

Obama: The war in Iraq.  “Saddam Hussein was a very bad person” 

McCain: It was long ago.  My father was a high-ranking admiral.  The Vietnamese came to me and said I could leave.  I said no.  It was the toughest decision, but also the one I’m the most happiest with.  (applause)  It took a lot of prayer.

(Commercial break.  Back to smell investigation.)

(FOUND IT!!!  Flowers (or the water) are past their prime.  Boo.  I hate throwing away flowers.)

Now on to “worldview” questions. 

What does it mean to you to “trust in Christ”?

Obama: I believe Jesus died for my sins and I am redeems through him…. I don’t walk alone… It means those sins I have on a fairly regular basis will hopefully be washed away.

McCain: It means I’m saved and forgiven.  Tells the story of a Christmas Day during his imprisonment and the “gun guard” that drew a cross.

“Now the tough questions.”  We’ve had 40 millions abortions since Roe. v. Wade… at one point does a fetus get human rights?

Obama: Whether it’s the theological or scientific explanations, that decision is “above my pay grade.”  I am pro-choice and I believe in Roe v. Wade.  I’m not pro-abortion.  I don’t believe women make these decisions easily.  In consultation with their pastors [ha!].  Their spouses.

McCain: At the moment of conception (applause).  I have a 25 year pro-life record.  I will be a pro-life President. (more applause)

Have you ever voted to limit or reduce abortions?

Obama: I am against late-term abortions.  On this particular issue, if you believe that life begins at conception and you are consistent on that believe, than I can’t argue with you on that… How do we provide the resources that allow women to keep a child?

Define marriage.

Obama: I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman (first applause — I guess he’s not going to be at Ellen’s wedding this weekend). 

McCain: A union between one man and one woman.  (applause) Are we going to get back to the importance of Supreme Court judges?

Would you support a constitutional amendment?

Obama: No, because historically it hasn’t been something that the Constitution has dealt with… Visiting a loved one in the hospital… I would afford those civil rights to others.

McCain: I’m a federalist.  I believe the states should make those decisions. (NOTE: question was asked about California case, not a constitutional amendment.) 

Stem cells

Obama: It’s not like people that are in favor of stem cell research are like “Let’s go destroy some embryoes.” 

McCain: For those of us in the pro-life community, this has been a great struggle. (It has?)  But I am wildly optimisitic that SKIN cell research will offer more.

Does evil exist and if it does do we ignore it, do we contain it, do we negotiate with it, defeat it?

Obama:  Yes, it does exist. Darfur.  In the streets of our cities.  Parents that abuse their children.  We are not going to erase evil from the world.  That’s God’s task, but we can be soldiers in that promise.  We should have humility.  A lot of evil has been perpetrated under the notion that we’re confronting evil.

McCain: Defeat it. If I have to follow him to the gates of Hell, I will get Osama Bin Laden.  Of course, evil must be defeated.  According to David Petraeus and Bin Laden himself, Baghdad is the battleground for evil…  We must face this challenge.  When I’m around our men and women in uniform, I have no doubt.

Which existing Supreme Court Justice would you have not has nominated?

Obama: I would not have nominated Clarence Thomas (applause — that’s odd).  He didn’t have the legal knowledge at the time.  I would not have nominated Justice Scalia, though there isn’t any argument of his legal brilliance. (Typical liberal answer — the black guy wasn’t ready.)

McCain: Ginsberg, Bryer, Souter, Stevens.  This nomination should be based on a proven record of strictly interpreting the Consitutional, not legislating from the bench.  I like Alito and Roberts. 

Faith-based organizations, allowed to discriminate?

Obama: Such a long-winded answer.  See my “Obama Watch” column on for his position.  “The devil’s in the details.” 

McCain: Should not have to forfeit those rights to receive federal funding.

Should we have merit-based pay for teachers?

Obama: It should be based on the whim of the principal or on standardized tests.  We should reward excellence.  (wow — reward excellence — way to take a stand!)

McCain: Yes and find bad teachers another line of work.  Choice and competition.  Home school. Vouchers.  I want every American family to have the choice that Cindy and I had and that Senator and Mrs. Obama made to send our children to private schools.  It’s the civil rights issue of the 21st century.

Define “rich.”

Obama: If you have book sales of 25 million (reference to Warren’s “Purpose-Driven Life).  If you are making $150,000 or less as a family you’re middle class… If you’re making more than $250,000, you’re in the top 2-3%. The question we have to ask ourselves is if we believe in good schools, not leaving a mountain of debt for the next generation, then we have to pay for them.  It’s irresponsible, intergenerationally not to do so.  If your family makes $250,000 or more, you’ll see an increase.  (Hope that doesn’t include anyone’s employer!)

McCain: I think that rich should be defined by a home, a good job, happy children.  I don’t believe in redistribution of wealth.  There are some business owners working 16 hours a day that some people want to classify as rich.  If you’re just talking about income, how about $5 million?  I’m sure than comment will be distorted.  The point is that we want to keep taxes low and income high.  It’s not taxes, it’s spending. 

(So, I think the questions are good, but with no follow-up it doesn’t really matter.)

Not asked of Obama — when does right to privacy and national security collide?

McCain: It does collide… also we should have secret ballots for unions (true, but random).  Our enemies are using technologies that we have to keep up with.  We have to sit down and work out these things for the good of national security.

America’s responsibility in the rest of the world.  Let’s talk about war.  As an American, what’s worth dying for? 

Obama: American lives, America’s interest.  When I was in Hawaii, I visited Pearl Harbor.  That was a solemn obligation we had.  Forged alliances.  NATO alliances, that’s something we have to abide by. 

McCain: Freedom.  Our national security.  We can’t right every wrong, but we can be a beacon of hope.  As Reagan called it, a shining city on a hill.

What about Darfur?

Obama: We have the ability to prevent genocide.  We don’t need UN approval, like in Bosnia. (i.e. conflicts entered by a Democrat)

McCain: Our obligation is stop genocide wherever it exists.  Mentions Rwanda, Cindy’s recent trip there.  Powell asked how we can effectively stop genocide.   Regarding the recent rememergence of Russian empire, I’m saddened to be talking about it with you.  Georgia was one the earliest Christian nations.  Now the Russians are coming in there in an act of agression.  We must bring about a cease fire with integrity.  Russians must respect the territorial boundaries of Georgia.  It’s about energy.  Pipeline.  Send a message to Russia that his behavior is not acceptable in the 21st century.

Would you have an emergency plan for orphans?

Obama: I cheated a little bit, I did some research on this issue.  Part of our plan is how do we prevent more orphans in the first place.  We build health care around the world.  Compliments President Bush’s work on AIDS prevention.

McCain: We have to make adoption a lot easier.  That’s why so many people go to other countries.  Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to talk about adoption.  Tells story of Cindy meeting with Mother Theresa and adopting their now 17 year-old daughter.

What do we do about religious persecution?  Like in China.

Obama: We have to bear witness and speak out.  Our relationship with China is very complicated.  They are lenders to us.  We want to move them into the world community.  We can’t move forward by ignoring those very real prosecutions, I means persecutions (imagine if Bush had that slip — OMFG!)  It’s important that when we’re providing moral guidance we’re not engaging in religious persecution, habeas corpus or torturing. 

McCain: The presidency is the greatest bully pulpit.  Reagan went to Berlin despite advice.  Many countries still aspire to have the hope and freedom of America. 

Question about slavery that still exists. (What?!?!?  Listening to the Left, you’d like America was the last hold out)

In a minute, tell me why you want to be president.

Obama: The one time my mother would get really angry with me was when she thought I was being really mean to someone.  That’s what makes America so great, that anyone has a shot.  I want to be president because I think that is America.  We have to make some big decisions not just for us, but for the next generation.  I have the ability to build bridges across political, racial, lines.  I hope I have the opportunity to do that.

McCain: I want to inspire Americans to serve a cause greater than themselves.  America’s best days are ahead.  I’ve always put my country first.  In the military, in the House, in the Senate.  I have a record of reaching across the aisle.  Americans feel it’s time to put our country first.  I want every American to know that when I go to Alabama and when I go to people who probably won’t vote for me, I’ll tell them that I’ll be every’s president and I’ll put my country first.

What do you say to people that oppose me asking you these questions?

Obama: These are the kind of forums we need to have. (Then why not agree to do more of them???).  I want people to know me well.

McCain: I’d like to be in every venue in America.  This is an important election.  Our country was found on Judeo-Christian values and I’m honored to be here.

What would you tell the American public if you knew there wouldn’t be any repercussions?

Obama: Solving big problems like energy is not going to be easy… There’s going to be a price to pay in transitioning… We can’t act like everything is free.  We should be able to make sacrifices on behalf of the next generation.  (Oh, wouldn’t it be so great if he actually answered this question with a non-stump speech answer?)

(Not asked of McCain)

McCain comes in.  McCain and Obama hug.  Ghey.  Commercial Break.

It’s over.  Pat Buchanan just declared that John McCain just had the best hour of his entire campaign.  Barack Obama seemed tortured.  John McCain won the evening and the audience reaction showed it.

Now it’s time to watch Michael Phelps’ body, I mean, race!

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Clinton vs. Obama: This Time It’s Personal!

Written by Lotus on Wednesday, 16 of April , 2008 at 8:07 pm

So, I’m live-blogging the debate tonight.  The rhetoric has been so hot on the campaign trail that I’m thinking tonight will actually be sort of tame in comparison.

First, the opening statements:

Obama: I’ve talked to Pennsylvanians, etc., etc.,   Now he says their bitterness (though that word will never be used again) is because they don’t have gas money to go look for a job. 

Clinton: Health care, go to my website!

8:08 PM — Charlie Gibson says that each segment will start with a quote from the Constitution.

Gibson asks about Sen. Cuomo’s idea that both fight it to the death and then pledge that the winner will ask the loser to be the running mate. 

Silence…. Obama is the first to speak.  Says it’s too early (i.e., I know they still have more dirt they’re going to bring up on me)

Clinton: I’m going to do everything I can do to make sure one of us takes the oath of office in January.  “I’ve seen the damage of the Bush years… Those that have lost sons and daughters in Iraq and those that have lost sons or daughters that didn’t have health insurance.”

8:12 PM — Oh snap, Gibson asks Obama about the bitter-clinging-to guns and religion quote!  Obama says there is no doubt that he can see how people would be offended by that.  He’s tap-dancing now! 

Clinton — I’m the granddaughter of a factory worker from Scranton.   (No doubt people are already checking this out.)

8:16 PM — George Stephanapolous asks Clinton if Obama can beat McCain.  Clinton says we have to beat McCain.  Says McCain “has the wrong idea about America.”   George S. (I can’t type the last name all night) pushes again on whether Obama can win.  Clinton says, “Yes, yes, yes.  But, I think that I can do a better job.”  Obama repeats and then brings up the elitism issue.

8:22 PM — Gibson asks Obama about Rev. Wright and why he rescinded his invitation to him saying he “gets rough” while denying that he’s heard controversial comments.  Obama talks about the “good works” of the church.  So, apparently you can say whatever you want as long as you throw a few bucks to HIV/AIDS research.  Obama also says that the YouTube clips were not representative of Rev. Wright’s entire career.  This is retarded.  When someone on the Right says something “controversial” the Left sure isn’t asking whether it’s representative of their career. 

George S. asks, “Do you think Rev. Wright loves America as much as you do?”  Gag.  Obama says, “I believe he loves this country but because of the experiences he’s had, he’s angry at the injustices in this country.”

To be fair, George S. acts Clinton about her “mispeak” on her trip to Bosnia.  I actually feel kind of sorry for her.  Obama has been giving the same non-apology answer on Rev. Wright for weeks and weeks.  Meahwhile, Clinton is being asked to apologize on the Bosnia story at every turn.

8:37 PM — Viewer asks Obama why he doesn’t wear the American flag.  Obama: I revere the American flag.  There is no other country where my story is even possible… I show my patriotism by how I treat veterans… speaking forcefully on ending the war in Iraq… I will continue to fight for those issues.  I’m confident that when I’m in a debate with John McCain people will not be questioning my patriotism.  Whether I wear a flag pin is a “manufactured issue.”

Now George S. asks aboutabout Obama supporter William Ayers, who was part of the underground Weathermen.   Holy shit, Obama says that he’s also friendly with Sen. Tom Coburn.  “Do I need to apologize for his statements, too?”  After comparing Coburn to Ayers, I don’t think they’ll be friendly anymore.

Clinton: Brings up Obama serving on a board with Airs…. I wish the Republicans would apologize for the Bush/Cheney years and not run anyone this time around. 

Obama: Clinton wouldn’t pass her own vetting process.  Her husband pardoned two members of the Weathermen.  Zing!

So far this has been a debate on campaign controversy rather than issues.  Keep it coming!

8:52 PM — Now the questions on who can get out of Iraw faster. If on day one, the commanding generals advise you not to withdraw, would you still withdraw troops?

Clinton: Yes.  Thankfully we live in a country with a military that’s commanded by civilians. 

Gibson: Are you saying that you know better than the military leaders?

Clinton: No [Yes].  We need to be paying attention to other problems, like Afghanistan.

Obama: The commander-in-chief sets the mission. The generals and the troops are there to carry out the mission.  The current President has used “I’m just listening to Petraeus” as an excuse.  I will always listen to commanders on the ground in respect to tactics.  I will take their recommendations into consideration.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the MSM is so bored with the primary season that they are manufacturing that it’s even a contest between Obama and Clinton.  The longer they go at one another, the longer the MSM can avoid issues.  The last thing they want is for liberals to start talking about what they believe.  So, I’m switching over to a real contest for now — American Idol!

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The Bitch IS Back: Live-Blogging Debate #20

Written by Lotus on Tuesday, 26 of February , 2008 at 10:22 pm

Tonight’s Democratic Debate (most answers are paraphrased)

Also check out ACU Intern Andrew Breza’s live-blogging here.

9:20 p.m. Question about NAFTA

Clinton: I’d like to talk about health care.  I’m not complaining, but it’s interesting that I’ve been getting the first question.  If you saw Saturday Night Live, perhaps we should ask Barack if he’s comfortable and wants another pillow.  [Watch SNL sketch here.]

Obama: Doesn’t respond to Clinton’s whining, says NAFTA has hurt American jobs and that Clinton has flip-flopped on the issue.

It’s odd to me that Hillary wants to keep talking about health care.  It just reminds people of why they dislike her.  It’s like McCain saying, “Hold up everyone, can we get back to McCain-Feingold or McCain-Kennedy?”

Russert to Clinton: I’ve looked through your plan and you say you will add 5 million U.S. jobs in the first year of your administration.  During your Senate election, you told my hometown of Buffalo [Drink because it’s shocking that he didn’t say “Go Bills”] that you would add 5,000 new jobs to the area.  You later told the Buffalo newspaper that you may have overestimated.  Is your current plan of 5 million also overestimating?

Clinton: Nah.  My husband did it, so can I!

[Warning: I’m eating an ice cream cone, so the “live” blogging ain’t so live.]

9:40 p.m. Russert to Obama: Clinton has said you don’t have adequate foreign policy experience.  In the general election, you would be going up against someone with considerable foreign policy experience.

Obama: McCain has the same policies as Bush and Cheney. Clinton would not be able to debate McCain because her positions are virtually the same. 

9:45 p.m. Russert: Do you reserve the right to go back into Iraq after withdrawal if needed?

Clinton: You ask too many hypothetical questions.

Duh, the whole damn debate is a hypothetical question that hinders on whether or not you’re president!  Spoiler alert: Clinton won’t be president.

Obama: Yes, if attacks are planned like what happen on 9/11, it’s my responsibility to stop it.

Clinton: Oh wait, I want to change my answer!

Brian Williams gives Clinton the hand and MSNBC goes to a hard break and says they’ll give her an opportunity when they come back.  Hee hee, they don’t.

9:52 p.m. Williams asks Obama to look at the monitor.  Video plays of bumble bee Clinton being sarcastic about the skies opening, angels singing for Obama.

Clinton cackles (drink).

Obama said it’s kind of humorous and understands the point Clinton has been trying to make about “speeches vs. solutions.”  Obama says he’s been offering solutions for 20 years.

Williams to Clinton: What point were you trying to make in that comment?

Clinton: I was having fun on the campaign trail, which is hard to do.   Then she rattles off a list of buzz phrases: health care, middle class, oil company profits,  caps on credit card rates, Dick Cheney’s energy bill, student loans, names of cities in Ohio, etc.

In some room somewhere, Frank Luntz is high-fiving himself.

10:00 p.m. Williams plays clip of Obama saying Clinton is trying to capitalize on her husband’s administration and acting as co-president.

Obama: It’s wrong to take credit for good things, but shirk responsibility on the bad things.

10:05 p.m. Russert asks Clinton why she hasn’t released her (and her husband’s)  joint tax return.  Mentions that Clinton loaned her campaign $5 million.  Russert also points out that President Clinton (the first one) has made a lot of money from foreign companies and the American people would like to know who is bankrolling her campaign.

Clinton: The American people that support me are bankrolling this campaign.  Says she’ll release tax return before the general election, maybe earlier.

10:08 p.m. Russert asks Obama if he supports Louis Farrakhan’s endorsement.  Obama says no and that his comments against Jews are reprehensible.  Russert continues to push.  Reminds him that his book title “The Audacity of Hope,” comes from a sermon from a minister that traveled with Farrakhan to Libya to meet with Khadafi. 

Obama: I wouldn’t be sitting here tonight if it wasn’t for the Jewish community who adamently supported civil rights.

Clinton interjects and says she rejecting isn’t as strong as denouncing support.  I renounced support from anti-semetics in NY’s Independence Party.

Obama: Ok, fine.  I reject and denounce.  I can haz presidency now?

Russert has had some good questions tonight.  PJB must have helped.

10:22 p.m. Pop Quiz!  Russert asks Clinton to tell him about Putin’s recently elected successor.

Clinton: He’s handpicked by Putin.  We may be meeting with the President, but Putin will still be making the decisions.

Russert:  Who is he?  What’s his name?

Clinton: Meda-meda-veda (mumble mumble)

10:25 p.m. Russert asks last question, are there any words or vote you would take back?

Clinton: The 2002 resolution on Iraq is a vote I would like to take back.  However, election is about the future. 

Obama: Would take back vote on allowing Congress to intervene on Terry Schiavo.  “As a constitutual law professor, I knew better.”  Good answer.

Obama ends by complimenting Clinton.  Says people are modest and don’t expect much from government.  They are looking for a hand-up, not a hand out. 

10:30 p.m. Williams asks Obama: What is the fundamental question that Clinton needs to answer to the voters? 

Obama: Clinton would be a better president than John McCain and has tethered himself to Bush on foreign policy.  I don’t think Clinton needs to answer a question on whether she can be the standard bearer.  I’m better though because I can unite people in a unique way.

Same question to Clinton.

Clinton: It’s been an honor to campaign, but I still intend to win.  I am the first woman running and it will be an enormous sea-change. The question I would pose is “Who can actually change the country?”

It’s over.   Chelsea is first to greet Clinton.  Obama and Clinton signs autographs. 

Olbermann and Matthews: Was a debate of field goals rather than touchdowns.

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Live-Blogging the SC Debate

Written by Lotus on Thursday, 10 of January , 2008 at 10:13 pm

All aboard the Straight Talk Express! 

9 :10 p.m. After they’re done asking the candidates about whether we’re headed for a recession, let’s ask Greenspan about shaking hands and kissing babies.

IOTUS adds to the Debate Drinking Game this rule: Drink when an issue group is mentioned, i.e. Club for Growth.

9:16 p.m.  Oh yeah, Fred Thompson is still in it.  He just stood up for Giuliani.  Take that McCain lovers!  I’m not necessarily a Thompson supporter, but I do admire anyone that doesn’t want to run for president. 

LOTUS Drinking Game Rule: Finish your drink when Reagan is mentioned.

9:18 p.m. Carl Cameron reminds us that no Republican has ever won the nomination without winning South Carolina.  Cameron asks Huckabee about the Reagan Coaltion and whether he’s distanced himself from it.  It sounds like Huckabee just gave the working definition for “compassionate conservatism.”

9:25 p.m. Romney: Knowing how America works is more important than knowing how Washington works.

9:26 p.m. Thompson puts the smack-down on Huckabee.  Hot!  Thompson says: That’s not the model of the Reagan revolution. That’s the model of the Democrat party.

It’s possible that Thompson is strong enough a candidate to wake up a dead campaign with one answer.

9:29 p.m. Giuliani says the Reagan revolution was about being inclusive. Tear down this wall and give me a hug!

Here come the foreign policy questions.  McCain is getting antsy.

9:43 p.m. Romney accuses Paul of reading Ahmadinejad’s press releases.  Cheers and Jeers.  Paul appears to make some response and I’d love to know what it was.

9:45 p.m.  McCain defends the surge.  “Bringing the troops home is not going to be decided by any politician.  It’s going to be decided by the man that should have been Time magazine’s Man of the Year, General David Petraeus.”  McCain also claims to be the only one on the stage to support the surge.  Giuliani calls him on it and says many of the people on the stage supported the surge.  McCain counterpoint: Nuh uhhh!

LOTUS wonders how PJB would answer some of these questions.  Time for the IOTUS and LOTUS’s texting comedy pyramid!

IOTUS: What would Patrick J. Buchanan Do?

LOTUS: PJB is my homeboy.

IOTUS: PJB is my copilot.

LOTUS: PJB loves me this I know, ’cause the Bible tells me so.

IOTUS: What a friend we have in PJB. He walks with me. He talks with me and tells me I am his own.

LOTUS: When you saw only one set of footprints in the sand it is when PJB carried you.

IOTUS concedes, LOTUS wins.

10:15 p.m. Oh, these guys are still talking. Giuliani just listed his foreign policy credentials.  McCain answers: I did it not for profit, for patriotism.

Giuliani did it all for the nookie.  (That could be the wine talking.)

Lightening Round!

10:25 p.m.  McCain says his immigration bill failed because it was so awesome that the American people were afraid that it wouldn’t be enforced.  McCain recalls a serviceman’s wife who was in endangered of being deported.  Uh, if they’re married, why is she in danger of being deported?  I’ve heard McCain bring this up before.  This is akin to the pro-abortion people that talk about the 11-year-old girl who was raped by her father and then became pregnant. What about her?!?!?!?  Ugh…

It’s over.  I think the edge goes to Fred Thompson.  What are your thoughts?

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Live-Blogging: Christmas 2007!

Written by Lotus on Tuesday, 25 of December , 2007 at 12:28 am

Sometimes I don’t mind having divorced parents because the gift-giving can last for days.   The eating also doesn’t stop.

Dec. 24, 9 p.m., Miss Bunny (my dad’s girlfriend)

EAT: Crabcakes, pecan-crusted grouper, potatoes, rolls, rum cake

GET: Sweater, pajama set, shirt, necklace and earrings.  BONUS: Gift certificate for my birthday that was sent to her house by mistake.

GIVE: Necklace, Harley pajama bottoms, earrings, Man & Machine calendar, and cookbook

Dec. 25, 10 a.m., Daddy and Jennifer (my sister)

EAT: Diet Coke and leftover corn muffin (they can’t all be gourmet meals)

GET: Flagler College sweatshirt, license plate frame, and ornament, pajamas, Bluetooth thingy, pajama set, The Simpsons Movie (woohoo!), makeup bag, girly stuff, stuff for my new car, and a bunch of other stuff

GIVE: Harley Davidson stuff, Nick and Nora pajamas, signed Ann Coulter books, Vinnie’s Tampon Case (Know your flow!), sheepskin slippers, misc. books, Lladro panda, scarf, Muhammad the Teddy Bear (great gift to yourself after Christmas), Chick-fil-a calendars and gift cards, and a bunch of other stuff.

BAKE: Two apple pies (served with Haagen Dazs)

Dec. 25, 6 p.m.

EAT: Daddy’s spaghetti, braciole and turkey meatballs

GET: Stocking stuffers — Reese’s Elvis Edition peanut butter and banana cups, travel-size stuff, more candy

Dec. 26, 11 a.m.

EAT: Diet Coke and stocking candy

POSTPONED GIVE AND GET: I decided to change my flight, so Christmas with my mom, stepdad and BOTUS will have to wait until tomorrow.  I miss BOTUS!

God bless us every one!

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