Coulter: 9/11 Strategy a Success!

Written by Lotus on Monday, 24 of March , 2008 at 8:02 pm

LOTUS used to travel with Miss Coulter on many occasions, most often for speeches on college campuses.  At every speech there was at least one student (or “professor”) that began his question with “Did you really mean it when you said…”  Most of those questions were centered on the infamous quote from herpost-9/11 column.  You know the one — “invade their countries, kill their leaders, convert them to Christianity.”  Coulter’s answer: “Now more than ever!” 

Today Coulter notes that having already invaded their countries and killed their leaders, her three-point plan is now a success.  Fox News reports:

VATICAN CITY —  Italy’s most prominent Muslim commentator, a journalist with iconoclastic views such as support for Israel, converted to Roman Catholicism Saturday when the pope baptized him at an Easter service.

As a choir sang, Pope Benedict XVI poured holy water over Magdi Allam’s head and said a brief prayer in Latin.

“We no longer stand alongside or in opposition to one another,” Benedict said in a homily reflecting on the meaning of baptism. “Thus faith is a force for peace and reconciliation in the world: distances between people are overcome, in the Lord we have become close.”

Vatican television zoomed in on Allam, who sat in the front row of the basilica along with six other candidates for baptism.

An Egyptian-born, non-practicing Muslim who is married to a Catholic, Allam often writes on Muslim and Arab affairs and has infuriated some Muslims with his criticism of extremism and support for the Jewish state.

The deputy editor of the Corriere della Sera newspaper, Allam, 55, told the Il Giornale newspaper in a December interview that his criticism of Palestinian suicide bombing generated threats on his life in 2003, prompting the Italian government to provide him with a sizable security detail.

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No Booze AND No Coulter?!?!?!?

Written by Lotus on Thursday, 20 of December , 2007 at 7:46 pm

Colorado’s KKTV reports:

A religious freedom foundation says it has uncovered evidence that bolsters its federal lawsuit claiming that the military is permitting widespread violations of religious freedom at installations across the country.

Included in the evidence disclosed yesterday are photos and videos of religious materials and activities at Fort Riley in Kansas, the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, and Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

The evidence is part of a lawsuit filed by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation — headed by 1977 Air Force graduate Mike Weinstein.

Among the evidence is a book for sale at the Fort Riley post exchange titled “A Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam.”

Other evidence includes a display outside a military police battalion’s office with a quote from conservative columnist Ann Coulter that reads: quoting — “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.”

Military officials say their policy is to accommodate all religious beliefs.

I actually think it should be mandatory to have Coulter’s quote in every military office, cubicle, tank and tent.  In fact, if you know anyone currently serving in the military, send their APO address to me at lisajanine1112 (at) and I’ll gladly send them this poster of Coulter* at my own expense.  

*This asterisk absolves LOTUS from any repercussions that may come from the PC police and their time-wasting antics against the military.

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Guest Commentary: University of Florida’s Liberal Obsession

Written by Lotus on Saturday, 1 of December , 2007 at 1:42 pm

By Ashley Emans, University of Florida

On November 13, several student groups at The University of Florida held a viewing and a panel discussion of the documentary film Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West. Fliers advertising the event (which had of course been repeatedly torn down by free speech loving liberals) contained the phrase, “Radical Islam Wants You Dead.” Now the university administration is demanding an apology from the five hosting student organizations: College Republicans, Law School Republicans, the Jewish Law Students Association, the Jewish Student Union, and Gators For Israel. This is likely the direct result of Islam On Campus lobbying the highest ranking UF officials, including President Bernie Machen, for an investigation into the event and its advertising.

Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Patricia Telles-Irvin, sent an email to every single UF student on Monday, November 26 that explained the university’s disapproval of the advertisements and asked for an apology and clarification. The letter was slavish, bland, hypocritical, and disappointing. In it she fell all over herself in a rush to restore the Gator universe back to its proper leftward rotation.

“At the University of Florida we have embraced a set of values, one of which is diversity. Diversity is not just about having representation from various cultures on campus, it also is having each member contribute to an inclusive and safe environment and collectively enhancing our understanding and appreciation of the richness brought by such differences.” wrote Telles-Irvin. UF does so much hand-wringing over racial/ethnic/class/gender/religious diversity, yet it shuns the most important type of diversity a college could ever give: diversity of thought. Conservative impulses are swiftly suppressed, in and out of class, just as the Obsession kerfluffle has proved. Dr. Telles-Irvin and the rest of the administration apparently believe students who feel threatened by radical Islam have forfeited their rights of expression by not falling in line with what is the acceptable opinion according to them, namely that you are not allowed to fear radical Islam.

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Celebrate Diversity with Muhammad!

Written by Lotus on Friday, 30 of November , 2007 at 9:13 pm

Muhammad the Teddy Bear makes a great gift for your favorite infidel or apostate.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit victims of radical Islam.  Muhammad the Teddy Bear was also featured in The Washington Times Culture, Etc. blog, and Atlas Shrugs.Muhammad the Teddy Bear!

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Click here to order! 

Read the history of Muhammad the Teddy Bear.  Keep in mind that the Left thinks we can have a reasoned dialogue with these people.  Right….

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